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Cancalia at AWEA WINDPOWER 2014

Greetings everyone! I hope everyone had as great of a time at the AWEA WINDPOWER 2014 as we did, and that your travels to and from Las Vegas were uneventful. It was a crazy few days for the Cancalia crew. Liz was running around meeting potential clients, presenting her poster, and even found time to squeeze in a committee meeting. Meanwhile, Adam and I were busy just taking in our first wind energy conference and also getting things set up for our launch party. It was a really cool experience and something we’ll never forget.

We would also like to extend special thanks to those who attended our launch party and software demo on Wednesday night. We really appreciated the feedback we received from the discussion, and Liz has implemented some of the suggestions into the final version of Continuum 1.0. It was more than just a launch party for us, it was our first “official” function as a company. For Liz, it was the chance to show off her brainchild and the fruits of a year’s worth of labor. For Adam and myself, it was a chance to get to meet a lot of you and learn more about the challenges of wind resource assessment. Thank you for sharing that moment with us.

Speaking of the demo, we’ve been getting a few emails asking when we’ll be releasing the trial version of Continuum 1.0. Liz is currently hard at work finishing the UI on the software and writing the user’s manual. Hopefully by next Friday (May 23), you’ll be receiving an email from Liz telling you how to download your 5-day trial. We’d also like to congratulate Mr. Odin Creel of Suzlon Energy for being the winner of our one-year Continuum license drawing. We look forward to hearing your feedback once you’ve gotten a chance to use Continuum 1.0!

Until next time, Jared

Liz presenting her live demo of Continuum 1.0 to launch party attendees.

Liz presenting her live demo of Continuum 1.0 to launch party attendees.

The Cancalia team. Adam, Liz, Jared

The Cancalia team. Adam, Liz, Jared

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