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Introducing Continuum® Town Halls!

We are excited to introduce Continuum® Town Halls, a new online event series, that will be starting soon! During these events, Continuum users can connect with software developers and other Continuum users to discuss the wind energy software and to offer feedback and suggestions for future development.  Attendees will also learn about how to become a Continuum Contributor and about the various software development and R&D opportunities available for community contribution. 

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v1.2.6 now available

Hello everyone! There is a new release of Continuum (v1.2.6) available to download and install. It includes a number of small GUI bug fixes and an improved (i.e more helpful!) ERA5 downloader.

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Luis Aliaga
Luis Aliaga
May 26

Pretty excited about this! Wind industry doesn't really offer open source and free alternatives for a proper wind site assessment. This is certainly a restriction for many project developers who can't afford expensive assessments with specialized software.

Looking forward to learning more of this tool!

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