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New Continuum software release (v1.1.2) now available!

Hello fellow wind energy engineers and scientists! There is a new release of Continuum which is available for installation ( In this new version, I added a few new things and fixed a couple of items. Below is summary of all changes in this new release:

1) After a few different users expressed confusion on the MERRA2 data download/extraction process, I added a 'Help' button on the MERRA2 tab. This displays some helpful pointers to walk you through how to download and extract MERRA2 data.

2) There is now a legend title on the various map plots.

3) A couple of users found that, when generating WS maps, the function 'FindPathOfNodes' was throwing an error in complex terrain. I looked into it and updated the code to use a grid resolution of 50 m (instead of 250 m) if searching for a node within 500 m. This fixed the issue.

4) Other users encountered an error when trying to extract MERRA2 data from datafiles that do not contain data. The software now checks MERRA2 datafiles for data and returns false if it is not a dataset and informs the user.

5) Another user found that, when importing time series data without wind speed standard deviation, the data filters removed all data (i.e. since SD = 0). The data filtering now checks that time series data has SD data before trying to apply SD filters.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have!

Cheers and happy modeling!


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