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One Energy LLC acquires Cancalia Engineering & Consulting LLC

September, 27 2016

Ohio’s One Energy, the company responsible for the largest number of commercial, net-metered wind projects in the U.S, has announced the acquisition of Cancalia Engineering & Consulting LLC, the developer and supplier of Continuum wind-flow modeling software.

Continuum incorporates all met site data and calculates the met cross-prediction errors using built-in default model coefficients. Through a self-learning algorithm, it also finds coefficients that yield the lowest cross-prediction error to form a site-calibrated model.

Through this acquisition, One Energy will expand its existing suite of proprietary resource assessment tools, and build on its proven history of project optimization, efficiency, and performance.

One Energy provides Wind for Industrysolutions for onsite wind projects that are designed to significantly offset an industrial facility’s electricity consumption from the grid. Wind for Industry projects involve the installation of one or more utility-scale wind turbines, which are interconnected on the facility’s side of the utility meter.

“Continuum disrupts wind-flow modeling as we know it,” said Jereme Kent, Founder and General Manager of One Energy. “The algorithms contained within Continuum will enhance One Energy’s existing proprietary modeling software, advancing our ongoing mission to build the most efficient, effective, and profitable solutions for our customers. This is the kind of innovation necessary to make the development of distributed generation wind projects cost-effective.”

Liz Walls, creator and developer of Continuum and co-founder of Cancalia Engineering & Consulting LLC, will serve as the Director of Research & Development for One Energy, leading innovation in wind resource assessment and additional areas of R&D.

“One Energy is the clear industry leader in on-site wind generation, which is a sector with huge potential,” said Walls. “I look forward to collaborating with the One Energy team and innovating new methods to deliver the maximum amount of energy possible to our customers.”

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